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Classes on animal care

At The Animal Man, we conduct classes and lectures on how to look after your pets, be it dogs or other exotic animals. From schools and colleges to homes and offices, our animal experts can give you amazing tips on animal care. We can also organise a petting zoo for schools, home parties and corporate events in Wolverhampton. Get in touch with us now to plan our visit. Take a look at what our customers have to say.

Terms and conditions for The Animal Man Bookings

  • Booking - The booking is guaranteed at the point of booking in the event date with The Animal Man. If you wish to cancel this appointment then please refer to the section below on cancellation.
  • Payment - Payment of the booking is due on the day of the event. The Animal Man does not require a deposit and we cannot offer credit terms without prior negotiation and agreement being reached and stated in a confirmation email. If you are having the event at your home address, cash or cheque will be accepted as the form of payment. If you are having the event at an alternative venue, only a cash payment will be accepted. The above is to eliminate the risk of being given fictitious home addresses and the cheque not being valid. Please understand this is not a reflection on you personally, but these terms apply to each and every client. Cheques are only accepted outside home addresses where The Animal Man is booked on behalf of a school, scout or guide group, religious organisation, business or any other such body where the address relates directly to the client of the event.
Man holding an owl

Terms and conditions

  • Cancelling - You are required to give reasonable notice should you wish to cancel the booking. Cancellations should be confirmed to The Animal Man XXX days prior to the date of the event. We reserve the right to charge up to 100% of the value of the booking should the engagement be cancelled on the same day of the event date. If the booking is to be rescheduled then no charges will apply.
  • Withdrawal of Animals - we reserve the right to withdraw any or all of the animals that are due to appear at the engagement when we feel the animals well-being might be compromised.
  • Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions - the client agrees to all the above terms and conditions in full when the event is booked (please refer to section on booking).
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Educational animal talks throughout the West Midlands.
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