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Hedgehog being held by a school kid

Educational talks 

Are you planning a lesson about animals? We can make it fun and exciting. At The Animal Man, we can bring an assortment of animals to your school across the West Midlands. Get in touch with us for more information on our children's educational entertainment services.

All our staff are DBS checked, Licensed and we have full liability insurance cover and a risk assessment.

Have fun with wild animals at school

Let animals take over your class. Our interactive animal presentations cover a wide range of topics tailored to suit students of different age groups, from early years to secondary school. Our experts can cover classifications, habitats and eating habits of different animals like reptiles, mammals, mini beasts, birds, arachnids and amphibians. We will even share interesting facts and stories about animals. We have many years of experience and are experts at handling animals.
Prices starting from (for the West Midlands):
  • 1 hour - £170
  • 2x1 hrs or 3x40 mins (half day) - £250
  • 4x1 hours or variation (full day) - £400
  • 3x1 hours - £340
  • 1 hour AM & 1 hour PM - £300
* Please note that the students hands are to be washed with soap and water after interacting with the animals, and that this is the responsibility of the school. We also require a parking space near to the building. Many thanks
No more than 60 students per group.

Making lessons fun and interactive

The animals at our educational presentations include:
  • Owls
  • Tarantulas
  • Mini beasts
  • Snakes and lizards
  • Mammals 
  • Owls
All our presentations last for about an hour and we encourage the teaching staff to take part. Our sessions cover a range of subjects which include science, geography, art and drama. Plan your lesson with us today. We also organise birthday parties.
A snake emerging from a log
Exciting talks throughout the West Midlands for children's educational entertainment.
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